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Uruguay: zo ontdek je haar charmes

Uruguay: as you discover its charms

Uruguay is still relatively unknown among travelers. Most travelers choose for her big brothers Argentina and Brazil and Uruguay allow ignore what is very unjust. Therefore, I see it as my job to introduce you to the charms of Uruguay.

The capital of Uruguay has more than 20 year ago, robbed the heart of my parents, so I've lived in Montevideo more than two years. Now many years later, I return to rediscover the top experiences of the country with the eyes of an adult woman who once as a child walked the streets of Montevideo.

One of the things that can still remember from my childhood is how safe it was Uruguay, and that still has not changed. Uruguay is the safest country in all of Latin America. We have no problems in the evening walking the streets of Montevideo, partied till late in Tacuarembo and repeatedly traveled by public transport from East to West and from North to South.

What are the top experiences that you can not miss

Visit the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo. Here you will get the first impression of the country.

♥ Bezoek Port Market.

El Mercado del Puerto is a good starting point for exploring the city. Here you can only fill your stomach called a small flavorful sugar kickPatty either filled patty, or with a piece of meat from the BBQ.  

El Mercado smells like BBQ, everywhere you see roasts filled with slabs of meat. But the real impressions given by the sweaty men who operate the BBQ, tourists who want to taste everything, the guitarists tangos of their idol Carlos Gardel play and premises that are curiously watching you.

♥ Puerta de la Ciudadela

Puerta de la Ciudadela is a pleasant place to pause, taking pictures and watching people.

You will notice very quickly that all classrooms with a thermos, running around a silver ride and a cup. What they wear in such a case is fashionable Maté, a drink that both in Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina drunk. Want a local experience? Drink mate and make new friends!

♥ Explore the city through books

Ben jij net zo gek op boeken als ik

Take a visit to the largest bookstore in the city, a few meters from Puerta de la Ciudadela. Naast boeken verkopen, hebben zij ook koffie & thee dus, neem een break.

♥ Wander through the well-known and less familiar city streets

Als je The Citadel Gate passert kom je bij La Plaza de la Independencia, Teatro Solis, Palacio Salvo, La fuente de los Candados and a few nice spots in town.  Walking without a plan and be surprised by what happens on the street. Oh yeah, probeer de standbeeld van Carlos Gardel te vinden.

♥ The Uruguayans have Rambla

The rambla is known from Barcelona, but the Uruguayans have their own Rambla. A boule of sailing around 22 kilometers along the beach. One of the activities that you can indulge your plans, is fietsen of wandelen op de rambla en even tegen zonsondergang bij de lighthouse te stoppen voor een zen momentje 🙂

 ♥ Ruil je broodje kaas voor de Uruguayanse Chivito

In Nederland eet je tussen de middag een broodje kaas voor lunch, but in Uruguay they eatchivito. A chivito is a very well-filled sandwich that can satisfy your hunger for a few days. Zorg dat je weinig hebt ontbeten anders krijg je zo een Chivito nooit helemaal op.

♥ Carnival celebration until you fall down dead

While the rest of the world celebrates a maximum of one week carnival, Uruguayans take three months. Their carnival starts in January and ends in March. It is as different from the Carnival of Rio, but therefore more authentic and less massive.

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