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Goede voornemens voor 2016 of voor het leven?

Good intentions 2016 or for life?


The start of a New Year is something powerful, it represents a new attempt, a new beginning, a chance to do things differently. And yet I wonder why this power is not present on any Monday morning when we get up and hurried breathing before we start our work week. Then it would also be effective to do things differently. What do you think?

Anyway, I believe in the power of the new and the tranquility of 1 January when the city slowly awakens after a fantastic party with bubbles, dance and entertainment. Good intentions create a habit I've ever just taken, but my focus, motivation and gives the courage to pursue my dreams. Previously, I made a list of twelve goals. And this I read while I stopped twelve grapes in my mouth for the first twelve chimes of the new year. crazy, but certainly effective :), because I could see at the end of the year I had baked them. It was often that what I had intended.

This year I want my good intentions stabbing a new look, Therefore, I call them no intentions or goals but more adventures, because the effect of some experience is more satisfying than achieving a goal (my very personal opinion).

Since experiences not be linked to a year, or some form of time, I made a list of experiences for life. Those are the things I would like to see before I say goodbye to this world. One advantage is that I can adjust my list on any Monday morning and not have to wait until the power of the new year. The intention is that every day is a kind of "New Year" and I keep doing my best to BE-LIFE. to BE = mean from the English ARE actually: more HIS life.

But how can I HAVE to life?

It is not easy, but that is usually so with the things that really matter. Below you can see a few of the things that I resolved to go EXPERIENCE!!

  1. With the sun getting up to enjoy in silence at the beginning of the day
  2. Learning a new language
  3. Learning to play a musical instrument
  4. Enjoy a sunset
  5. minimal 1 read book per month
  6. Laughing for no reason
  7. Travel around the world (already doing)
  8. admire the northern lights
  9. Sleeping in a tree house
  10. Learn to kitesurf
  11. Walking to La Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City) op Machu Picchu
  12. Volunteer abroad
  13. Make friends around the world (already doing)
  14. make a balloon flight
  15. a long train ride
  16. minimal 1 dag in stilte zijn 🙂 (this is a real challenge)

And what are your plans, wish, dream, intentions or whatever you want to call them for 2016?


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      Muy bellas experiencias para este año veo que no estaba la del paracaídas je je e pero falta la del globo ojalá te pudiera acompañar a una de ellas, aunque lo hago cada vez que te leo.
      Un beso y abrazo

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